Why Do You Require a NYC Land Surveyor?

If you are a builder or someone about to buy or sell property (either commercial or residential) in New York City, you may wonder just why it would be in your best interest to get in touch with a NYC land surveyor. After all, you may have a crew or team working for you that understands the different maps and where the footprint of a new building is situated. You might feel the property description of the building is adequate for selling or buying. Unfortunately, that is not enough to ensure all of your ducks are in a row, and you’ll want the help of a team like that at Rampa Land Surveying P.C.

The Roles of an Experience NYC Land Surveyor Firm

Let’s look at the different reasons you want to contact a properly licensed and highly skilled NYC land surveyor.

If you are buying a property, the land surveyor is going to be able to identify any “easements” or rights of way that might let others use or pass through that property. They can locate all of the improvements made to the property, including walkways, fencing, buildings and more. They can also identify encroachments (buildings, fences, walks, and even plantings) that have passed over the neighbors’ property lines and on to the property you are going to buy. A skilled surveyor will also ensure that the legal description of the property is accurate.

Naturally, they also are able to mark the property corners and do more complex surveying such as FEMA elevation surveys and more.

If you are the seller, having a team of skilled land surveyors at the site will help you to give potential buyers a lot more confidence in the purchase. They can see the maps and know the precise size of the plot or the structure. The best return on a survey, though, is that you can avoid any legal disputes about property descriptions at a later date by getting the survey done before selling.

As a builder, the services of a NYC land surveyor are extensive. They can do stakeouts and identify problems even before you break ground. They can do foundation surveys to ensure everything is on track, including depths and baseline measurements. And because you might be building in the midst of many existing structures, a good surveyor ensures (via optical monitoring) that no effects are causing structural shifts in the neighboring structures.

Whether selling, buying or building, a land surveyor is a key part of your team in New York City, and Rampa Land Surveying, P.C. is ready to help. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.