Why Have a Tin Back splash in New York NY Installed?

by | Sep 27, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

A Tin Back splash New York NY can provide many benefits to a home or commercial kitchen. The primary purpose its to protect the wall behind the sink, along the counter, and near the stove. Debris, water, grease, and particles can easily accumulate in those areas. That can lead to damage to paint or wallpaper, mould growth, and unpleasant orders. A back splash provides a barrier and is easier to clean than the wall itself. Tin is also moisture resistant, strong, and non-combustible. That can help prevent cooking fires, smoke damage, and saturation from spills.

A back splash can also help blend the components of the kitchen decor. It provides a separation between the counter and the wall so contrasting materials and colours can stand out better. A dark green granite counter-top, for example, will be more striking against a Tin Backsplash New York NY than against the floral print that adorns the walls. Both components are distinctive, so they compliment each other well. The back splash itself can become a major design component. There are many patterns, finishes, and colours available in tin back splashes. Finishes include solid copper, stainless steel, tin, custom colours, pre-painted white tiles, and plating in brass, chrome, or copper. Designs can be in many styles, with Gothic, art decor, and Victorian being the most common.

Other benefits of a Tin Back splash New York NY include durability and ease of cleaning. Once installed, the back splash is less likely to require repairs, or be replaced for years into the future. Galls and ceramic back splashes can crack, chip, or break. Wooden ones can warp or bow, and laminate can peel and curl at the edges quickly. That makes tin a cost-effective option that provides a high return on the investment. The material will require very little maintenance. Washing it with soap and water will keep it in great condition. It does not take any special cleaners, polish, or buffing to retain its shine, pattern, or finish. Tin is a popular material used in many kitchen renovations. Those interested in tin back splashes can Visit Abingdonconstruction.com for information on installation and services, to view previous projects, and to set up an appointment for design services.

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