Why Professional Aerobic Septic System Maintenance Is Critical

by | Dec 13, 2016 | Septic Tanks

Although most Texas homes are connected to municipal sewage systems , thousands of properties still use on-site aerobic waste disposal equipment. The systems are very efficient but they do require expert maintenance. Fortunately, professionals like Septic Pride are certified to maintain, repair, and replace aerobic waste treatment components. They also teach clients how to spot and prevent many septic system problems.

Aerobic Waste Treatment Involves Several Steps

All on-site waste equipment needs some expert care, but professional Aerobic Septic System Maintenance is critical. That is because an aerobic treatment process consists of several components that need to work together. During treatment waste materials pass through an equalization tank where liquids are separated from solids. The liquid, or effluent, flows into an aeration chamber where injected air helps bacteria break down. Effluent then passes into a disinfectant chamber and is treated with chlorine, ozonation, or ultraviolet irradiation. Treated water is then pumped into a tank that usually delivers it to sprinklers. It then becomes part of a watering system. With so many parts and processes, it is very difficult for the average homeowner to diagnoses, let alone repair, the systems.

Professional Care Keeps Septic Systems Efficient

Expert Aerobic Septic System Maintenance is so critical that environmental regulations often require installers to provide guaranteed service for two years. Once original contracts expire, homeowners can use any licensed professional for routine care. As a result, thousands of homeowners contact specialists via sites like website domain. Customers then arrange for necessary inspections and servicing and usually sign long-term maintenance contracts. During routine evaluations, technicians ensure that all parts are working and waste is flowing freely from homes. That is critical to avoid health issues. Experts also make sure waste is not contaminating nearby areas and effluent is adequately disinfected. Technicians check for gasses that can be toxic, indoors or out. They also teach customers to be aware of problems like plumbing backups that happen when excessive water use overloads waste treatment equipment.

Texas homeowners with aerobic treatment systems depend on experts to maintain and repair the equipment. Licensed septic professionals will quickly locate the source of problems and make repairs. They also teach customers how to keep aerobic waste systems efficient and safe.

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