3 Signs Your Concrete Driveway Installation in Bellingham Was Done Right

In terms of driveway materials, concrete is king. For high-traffic areas, there really isn’t an alternative that’s as durable or versatile. All those benefits don’t mean anything if the job itself gets botched, though. Here are three ways to tell that your concrete driveway installation in Bellingham, WA, has been done properly.

Even Surface
Like anything you plan to drive on, a concrete driveway should be flat without any lumps, bumps or major imperfections breaking up the even surface. Obvious as this one is, you’d be amazed at how often people will overlook a major issue out of carelessness.

Proper Grading
Grading for concrete is simply the direction in which water runs off it. A well-made concrete driveway should have grading that sends water down and to the sides. If you were to spot pools of water at any point along your driveway, that’s an indication that there’s a problem with grading.

Exact Edge
Proper edges are critical to the function and health of a concrete driveway. Edges that are made well should be crisp and smooth turning down at a 45-degree angle leading into the yard. You can check this yourself easily with enough using a protractor or even just estimate with your eyes if that’s not available.

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