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by | Mar 31, 2020 | Oil and Gas

All plant operators and plant owners clearly understand what corrosion stands for when it comes to production pipes. Pipes that don’t go through corrosion are non-existent. Plastic pipes don’t corrode, but they are not fit for the job.

But, plant operators don’t have to worry. To avoid pipeline failure and guarantee consistent production, pipelines can now be protected and maintained from corrosion.

Why is Pipeline Maintenance essential?

Industrial pipeline maintenance entails maintaining the integrity of the pipe and all its components entailed. However, this is not a do-it all-at once task. It’s time-consuming but very effective.

As a plant owner, you would want to have a thorough job done. Pipes should be cleared of all debris, keeping them clear and clean for life. This process entails a keen leak detection, inspection, and double-checking that the pipe is cleaned.

How Should Pipes Be Protected?

According to pipeline maintenance companies in Calgary, corrosion is the most notorious enemy of all metallic pipes. Therefore it makes sense if plants invest in corrosion protection. There are several ways that pipes can be protected. As mentioned earlier, the most comfortable yet most effective technique is cleaning. This process entails the use of chemicals and pigging.

Additionally, the areas surrounding the pipes should also be cleared and cleaned. Any plants growing around such pipes can impede the correct functioning of pipelines.

Other known corrosion protection techniques include use of pipe corrosion inhibitors, use of cathodic protection, abrasive blasting and application of linings and coatings.

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