5 Reasons Why You Should Install a Fireplace


When you’re looking to enhance your home and add value, a fireplace can be an excellent addition. Are you looking for more reasons to call for quality fireplace installation in West Michigan? Look through these five reasons why a fireplace should be your next home construction project.

They Lower Your Heating Bills

Utility bills can be expensive, but a fireplace can help heat your home for less money. Just pay attention to the style you put in. Wood and gas hearths lose some of their heat through the chimney, but electric fireplaces stay within the home better. Whichever you choose, it’s still cheaper heat than through your furnace.

They Create a Peaceful Atmosphere

A fireplace is the center of your home where friends and family gather to relax and discuss their day. They create a soothing atmosphere and add comfort to your home. Wood-burning fireplaces will even give you the calming sounds of wood crackling and popping. They also provide a relaxing scent and an air of romance. If you want to have a romantic and peaceful night in, just light the fireplace and settle in. Electric models can even offer you the light without the heat for humid nights.

They Are Easy to Use

As long as you’re not in charge of cutting wood for a wood-burning fireplace, all three styles are simple to use. All it takes is the flip of a switch or a stack of kindling and a match, and you’re in business. You’re sure to get the hang of it with just a couple of tries.

They Require Minimum Maintenance

While fireplaces require repairs once in a while, it isn’t as often as you’d think. You’ll need a professional repairman to inspect your wood or gas hearth each year. Normally, you can call the same place that did your quality fireplace installation in West Michigan. Other than that, just keep up with cleaning the unit, and it will remain safe and useful.

They Are Safe for the Environment

Fireplaces aren’t as bad as you’d think when it comes to an environmental footprint. Wood-burning fireplaces make use of a renewable resource that you can plant to replenish and electric fireplaces don’t give off any dangerous gases. Gas and Electric fireplaces are designed to be safe for the environment, and despite wood putting out carbon monoxide, all three are safer than a traditional furnace.

Quality fireplace installation in West Michigan is a smart purchase if you’re looking to improve the look and value of your home. If you need a reason to do it, just look through the list above, and you should be convinced. Click here for more information.