Accessible Kitchen Design in Encinitas for Disabled Individuals

by | May 18, 2016 | Kitchen and Bathroom

Modification in Kitchen Design in Encinitas can be important for elderly individuals or someone who has become disabled. The room may need to be more user-friendly and easier to get around in. Just because someone has reached an advanced age, has arthritis or cannot stand for any length of time doesn’t mean this person has lost interest in cooking and baking.

Modified Kitchen Design in Encinitas for someone who has trouble gripping things will address doorknobs on pantries and closets as well as handles on cabinets. All these doors may need to be replaced with ones that don’t latch. This way, they still close but can easily be opened. If latching is important to the homeowners, a mechanism can be installed so the doors close securely but easily open with pulls or levers.

The individual may need to sit while doing meal preparation. A contractor such as Business Name. can create a design to include a countertop or work area with empty space underneath, similar to a snack bar but not as tall. If there is room to widen the kitchen, that is a distinct advantage for someone who relies on a walker. It may be essential for someone who uses a wheelchair. The entryway to the kitchen may need to be widened as well.

Considerations will involve whether the person using this kitchen can reach overhead or bend down to get things from floor cabinetry and low drawers. If not, the kitchen can be remodeled, so everything needed for regular use is within easy reach. The remodeling contractor will still probably recommend having cabinets to include overhead shelves as well as floor cabinets, since that is an effective use of space and will be important when considering resale of the house one day in the future. Those areas might be used for storage of items seldom needed.

Because of advancements in medicine and health technology, more people than ever before are surviving serious health conditions and injuries. They typically want to live at home as long as possible, and an accessible kitchen design makes it easier for them to maintain their quality of life.

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