Benefits of Sealing an Asphalt Pavement in Worcester, MA

The unforgiving winter climate in Worcester can eventually cause major damage to a driveway. Though all pavements experience some wear with age, weather elements are the primary culprit when it comes to driveway repairs. As precipitation from rain and snow seeps into the asphalt, this buildup can lead to cracking. This is especially true in areas where the pavement experiences continuous freeze and thaw cycles. Sealing an asphalt pavement in Worcester MA can minimize damage and help extend the life of a driveway.

While some homeowners and businesses might view asphalt sealing as just another expense, the benefits of this preventative maintenance far outweigh the initial costs. The reason precipitation is able to enter and accumulate beneath a drive is because most pavements are constructed from porous materials. By applying a sealant to the asphalt, the pores are blocked to prevent seepage from rain, snow, or melting ice.

Although driveway cracks can be a major issue, they aren’t the only problem that can occur to an unprotected pavement. Over time, the color of asphalt fades, especially in areas that receive a lot of sunlight. Sealcoating an asphalt pavement in Worcester MA helps a driveway maintain its original color longer and improves the overall curb appeal of a home.

Even a pavement that already has small cracks can benefit from a sealcoating application. This will prevent the existing cracks from becoming larger and also stop precipitation from accumulating at the base. A new coat of sealant can improve the appearance of an older driveway and adds a touch of freshness to an outdoor landscape.

One often overlooked benefit of sealcoating is that it creates a smoother surface. This makes the driveway much easier to clean and maintain. Yards that contain a lot of trees or shrubbery may frequently become covered with leaves or other debris. Sweeping on a smooth pavement is much easier and faster than trying to clean unprotected asphalt. In addition, sealcoating can lessen the effects of unwanted oil or gasoline spills.

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