Choosing The Right Siding For Your Home

The siding that you choose to cover the exterior of your home determines not only the way it looks, it also determines the amount of time, effort and money that will need to be put towards maintaining it in pristine condition. Over and above looks and maintenance is cost, a serious consideration for many homeowners looking at siding in San Antonio.

There are a number of available options. From the homeowners point of view it is nice that certain well known siding designs are not limited to a specific material, you can get the look you want without having to stick with the traditional material.

Pros and cons of different siding options:

Before making any irreversible decisions it is prudent for the homeowner to educate him or herself on what is available in the way of siding in San Antonio.

   * Wood: The most traditional of all siding materials is wood. Siding made from wood is very attractive and is available in a number of different profiles. The downside of wood is maintenance, unless you opt for cedar which can be left untreated, there is a considerable amount of painting and associated prep work to do.

   * Engineered wood siding: Engineered siding is a reasonably new take on siding material. It is actually a combination of wood and adhesive that is produced in specific forms such as boards and panels. The material is strong and dimensionally stable but must be well protected from the elements.

   * PVC/Vinyl: Vinyl, which is PVC, siding is an inexpensive option which is durable, low maintenance and is available in forms such as shakes, lap boards and shingles. Vinyl siding is completely impervious to insect infestation and will not dent if impacted.

   * Metal: The most common metal used for siding in San Antonio is aluminum. Although aluminum is quite soft and will dent, it will not rust in the event the coating is scratched off. As aluminum siding profiles are produced on site the finished installation usually has no seams or joints other than at the corners.

When choosing the siding for your home, consider the maintenance factor, the aesthetics, durability and cost.

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