Compelling Reasons to Switch Over to Stunning Bermuda Shutters This Year

by | Jan 7, 2022 | Construction & Maintenance

Lots of homeowners have experienced the massive destruction that strong thunderstorms, tornados and hurricanes can cause to anything blocking their advance. Many of these property owners decide to protect their valuable and vulnerable glass windows from destruction by installing well-made and tough window shutters. Read on for some compelling reasons to switch over to stunning Bermuda shutters in Wilmington, NC this year.

What Are Bermuda Styled Shutters & Their Advantages?

Bermuda shutters in Wilmington, NC are also referred to as Bahama shutters in some locations and in various brand models. These shutters are often constructed of lightweight aluminum that is easy to install, open and close. The design style of these protective shutters is typically labeled tropical, and each brand will have its own pros and cons for consumers to consider before buying. Other advantages are a more spacious and charming look to outside windows, lower price tags, lots of design styles, ability to powder coat for custom color matching and can be operated with just one person.

Bermuda Style Shutters Do Not Block Airflow, Light or Views When Open

Since most homeowners who install window shutters, intended to limit storm damage that may break glass, live in tropical climates, it is nice to find a strong, attractive and very affordable Bermuda style shutter model that does not block cooling airflow, natural light from outdoors or views from windows while indoors. Installing these shutters is a breeze and can be performed with only one person usually.

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