Gutter Guards: Pick the Best One

by | Jan 14, 2022 | Construction & Maintenance

Find the best options for your home. With add-ons to help you protect your gutters, they’ll last you longer. Here are must-know tips to make the buying process easier for you.

Consider Screens

Screens are the most common option since they come in a wide array of materials and shapes. There are also several ways to install them. However, for convenience and to prevent mistakes, you’re better off hiring a full-service installation firm. Keep that in mind when you shop around for gutter guards in Fairfax, VA. With inexpensive options, you’re sure to find screens that fit your needs and budget.

Consider Surface Tension

You can also pick surface-tension guards. However, they’re most ideal if you can position them in a way that they’re like the slope of the roof. You might need to reuse existing gutters to make this happen, though. These guards filter out the leaves and other debris. But smaller debris often gets through. That means you’ll still need to clean the guards to get rid of any clogs or blockage. It requires little to no maintenance and lasts for years. If your roof is made of tile, slate, or wood, though, this won’t be a good match, though. This also tends to be the most expensive and more challenging to install, so the installation charges might be higher.

Use Fine Mesh

You can also look fine-mesh products. They’re installed under the shingles and fastened to the gutter as well as fascia to make sure they stay in place. If you want options that give you the best value for your money, then fine-mesh guards are ideal. They require minimal maintenance. With affordable options, you’ll want to seriously consider these for your gutter guards. The mesh filters everything out, both small and big debris and clutter. They’re also easy to clean and are easy to install on several types of roofs Direct Gutter Inc.

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