Hiring Contractors For Steel Construction in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Custom Steel Construction

When you build steel buildings in Colorado Springs, you should hire a professional contractor with extensive experience. Your contractor should closely follow any guidelines from the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) and other agencies that govern steel design in the United States. By having the appropriate AISC certification, the company will build high-quality properties that meet the highest standards for safety and durability. Structural engineers will carefully design all steel components for your project. All beams and columns will be selected based on the expected loading throughout the building. In general, a typical commercial building should have a robust steel frame for optimum structural integrity. A contractor offering design-build services will easily implement the blueprints and floorplans for your project.

Safety for Steel Construction

Steel buildings in Colorado Springs must meet rigorous codes for fire safety as set by municipalities. Therefore, all columns and other major structural components should be covered with the appropriate fireproof materials. An experienced contractor will apply the correct coatings and applications that have high resistance against heat and flames. Custom steel buildings in Colorado Springs must also withstand corrosion, which could lead to structural failure. The columns and beams should be painted in special coats that reduce corrosive effects from direct exposure to moisture. Certified engineers will also analyze all steel components for proper loading limits based on the projected occupancy. Additionally, rooftop snow loads should be carefully considered for steel buildings in Colorado.

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