The Different Kinds of Window Repair in Matawan, NJ

A window consists of two components. It is comprised of the window frame and the window glass. Therefore, a window repair usually involves one or the other of these components. It could also deal with both. For example, if your window is rattling, it could indicate a problem with the window glass or the window frame. If the frame has become bent or warped in some manner, the glass might rattle inside the frame. Alternately, if the glass is cracked, it might rattle in the frame because it no longer fits. You’ll need to call a repair specialist to look into the cause of the problem and fix it. When you are getting your windows fixed, you should ask a few questions.

What about Double Glazing?

The process of making glass is called glazing; therefore, a window with two panes of glass is called a double-glazed window. When you call an expert for window repair in Matawan, NJ, you should consider asking about double glazing. The two panes of glass are separated by a cushion of air or a vacuum. This separation makes it difficult for heat to travel across the glass. The window itself helps to insulate your home. It also makes the window more difficult to break. There are two panes of glass, and therefore, there is more security.

If you consult a professional at Superior Windows & Glass LLC, they’ll walk you through your options. There are many choices to consider.

What about Storm Windows?

When you call someone regarding window repair, you should also inquire about storm windows. These windows are made of tempered glass, which is glass that has been heating treated to make it more stable. Furthermore, a storm window is usually made of two panes of glass with an adhesive layer between them. The adhesive layer helps hold the window together and prevent shattering.