Unusual Features to Include in a Custom Dream Home to Be Built by Kugler Construction

by | Mar 19, 2018 | Construction & Maintenance

When people finally save enough money to have the home of the dreams built, they hire a contractor like Kugler Construction to do the job. As they finalize their plans, they’ll want to include all the features they most want and can afford. Some of these features may be a bit unconventional, helping their home to stand out in the crowd. Anyone in the custom home planning stages may visit the website for details on this particular contractor.

Luxury Bathroom Features

Many people choose luxury bathroom features when planning their custom home to be built by a company like Kugler Construction. They might want a double shower with frameless doors along with a separate garden tub or claw foot tub. These features have become somewhat common in high-end homes, however. What about a gas fireplace next to the bathtub? Extra heat and coziness make this an appealing feature for people who enjoy lounging in the warm water.

Another unusual feature in bathrooms that people wonder how they ever lived without is the multiple-head shower. This isn’t the same as the double shower in which two people can easily clean up at the same time. Instead, it has several shower-heads running down two sides, so water isn’t just streaming from above a person’s head.

A Secret Rec Room

Everyone loves the concept of a home with a secret room. The custom-designed house can start the kids off at a young age with a hidden rec room. A horizontal bookshelf includes two cabinet doors in front that open to that room. The children will love playing in their secret hideaway, and their friends will be astonished the first time they see the doors open.

Tree House Atmosphere Upstairs

An upstairs room or two with the atmosphere of a tree house can be created with an abundance of floor-to-ceiling windows looking out into a wooded lot. This might be the master bedroom, a home office or a guest room that is truly impressive. The inclusion of skylights adds to the effect of being outdoors while still inside. A balcony could be constructed off of these rooms too, with sliding glass doors that make that outside area feel like an extension of the room.

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