Permanent Foundation Repair in Baltimore

by | Mar 19, 2018 | Construction & Maintenance

Cracks in the foundation are common as the house settles. Some are so thin they are not immediately visible. The cracks will; however, leave traces that water or moisture has seeped into the house. Water on the all or floor is an obvious indication. If water has leaked in and dried, the wall in that area will be slightly discoloured. Any mold on the walls or in the corners is also a sign of excess moisture or cracks.

Do Not Ignore Cracks

Once discovered, cracks have to be fixed as soon as possible to avoid further damage. Water that freezes and then thaws will widen the crack or make it longer. That begins a fast-moving reaction that can damage an entire wall in a few days. If cracks are seen or suspected, a professional inspection should be arranged. Many companies that offer Foundation Repair in Baltimore will inspect the area free of charge.

Temporary Fixes

Epoxy or polyurethane is injected into the cracks as the first course of action taken by most companies. Experienced companies, such as Armored Basement Waterproofing LLC, know that injecting materials into a crack is a temporary fix. The only thing that will be accomplished by this method of repairing leaks is job security for the repair company. If money is tight and the family needs time to save for permanent Foundation Repair in Baltimore, injected materials will hold off the inevitable.

A Permanent Solution

One way to permanently fix a crack is to V-groove it and seal it with hydraulic cement. That process covers the crack and the immediate area around the crack. After that, the crack is covered with armored vinyl for support and protection from any new leaks. Water entering the space will be directed to into the pressure relief drain.

There will no more damage to the basement floor, furniture, or items stored in the basement. If the house does not have a pressure drain relief system, one can be installed. The process is much more cost effective because it will only have to be done once. Calling out a repair team every few months because there is still pressure causing more cracks, or opening up previously sealed ones, will get expensive fast.

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