What to Expect from a Gas Fireplace Greensboro NC Maintenance Company

by | Jun 16, 2020 | Fireplace Store

A gas fireplace burns cleaner that a wood burning fireplace, and requires less maintenance. Cleaning of the fireplace, logs, and glass should be completed monthly. That can be done by the homeowner, or can be completed by a Gas Fireplace Greensboro NC Maintenance Company. Many companies offer maintenance contracts so people can save money on regular cleanings. Maintenance that should be completed by a licensed gas technician is recommended annually by gas fireplace manufacturers. That entails an inspection of the whole system and a complete cleaning of all system components.

An inspection is important to check for clogs in the vents or chimney. Debris or bird and animal nests can clog the vents, or be in the chimney. There are some gas fireplaces that are vented via the walls rather than the chimney, but both areas should be checked for safety. Latches, seals, and gaskets need to be checked to make sure they are tight and secure. A compromised seal, for example, can allow dangerous carbon monoxide to leak back into the home.

Condensation is another important aspect that is checked off during an inspection. It indicates leaks, loose joints, or can be a sign that the system is not working properly. Condensation can be a byproduct of the gas burning in the fireplace, but excess condensation can cause rust spots or corrosion. In that case, repairs or replacement of those areas in the vents will have to be completed before the fireplace can be used. The Gas Fireplace Greensboro NC Maintenance Company should have some type of checklist to ensure all the points of a proper inspection are covered.

Experienced companies will offer free estimates for annual inspections, based on the type of gas fireplace that is in the home. Ask what is included in the inspection. Some companies automatically replace seals and gaskets as part of the service and include a cleaning at the same time. Others will do the inspection and provide a report if anything else is needed. If there are any repairs that need to be completed, the technician should explain what is required, provide options, and give an estimate for costs.

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