Planning to Install a fireplace? Know Your Options

by | Feb 14, 2018 | Fireplace Store

Fireplaces, in addition to heating rooms, are known to accentuate homes. A fireplace can add the cozy feel that you are looking to implement in your living room. If you’re thinking about having a fireplace installed, then you may want to learn about the different options you have to choose from before you get too far into your search. Here’s what you need to know before you even think about hearth installation in West Michigan.

Gas Logs

This type of fireplace typically uses propane in order to provide heat. In addition, this kind of hearth burns gas efficiently. You may want to consider this route if you want an easier installation process or want to enjoy a fire without the wood smell. Gas logs offer additional heat at a lower price. This can be a possibility to think about if you are looking for a low-maintenance option.

Electric Fireplaces

Another course of action is to go with an electric fireplace. If you are looking for a low-cost alternative, then you may want to consider an electric fireplace. Not to mention that the installation process is relatively simple. If you live somewhere in an apartment where you don’t have a built-in fireplace, then you may want to look at an electric hearth. You can even enjoy the look of a fire with the heating element turned off.

Wood Burning

A wood-burning fireplace is a more traditional type. This is typically what first comes to mind when people think about hearths. There are actually several different varieties within a wood-burning fireplace such as an open-hearth. This is a good route if you want to be able to sit in front of the hearth listening to the crackling fire. However, it may not be as efficient heating your house as other types.

Another wood-burning variety is an enclosed fireplace. This choice offers both an effective heat source and comfy environment. Although the fire will be tucked safely behind glass, you can still enjoy watching the flames flicker back and forth.

These several kinds of fireplaces are just a few of the many options out there. It is important that you know what you are looking for, or else the range of possibilities may overwhelm you. Choosing a fireplace largely hinges on both personal preference and budget. Once you find the type of fireplace that will work best in your home, then you can start thinking about hearth installation in West Michigan. Depending on the type you choose, the installation process could be quick. Visit the site for more information.

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