Find a Great Underground Grout Repair Service in Houston, TX

by | Oct 23, 2019 | Construction & Maintenance

Noticing cracks in the concrete, shifting patios, a pool deck that has dropped, or even foundational issues? Odds are that problems that are showing up on the surface are due to issues underground. Underground issues can be frightening because they are difficult for non-professionals to diagnose and address. That is why everyone needs to know about underground Grout Repair Service in Houston TX.

Finding Hidden Problems

One of the biggest challenges for contractors is when something that cannot be seen needs to be fixed. However, this is frequently the case when the problem has to do with soil stability or underground integrity. Surface issues, such as cracks, changes in height, buckling, and separation can all indicate that the soil is shifting underneath a building or that there is some type of groundwater permeation occurring.

Fixing Hidden Problems

Fixing those underground problems does not have to mean digging up the surrounding area and manually fixing an issue. Instead, underground grout applications can fix a variety of different problems. Compaction grouting, pressure grouting, and chemical grouting can all be used to bring increased stability to an area and can lift sunken areas and level uneven areas. This is especially important in an area like Houston, where the porous soil can lead to shifting and a decrease in structural stability.

Grout Can Do More Than Stabilize Soil

Even when soil is stable, there may still be underground problems to address. Grout can be used to fill in space around wells or pipes that are no longer being used so that they do not pose a risk of collapsing. Chemical grout applications can also repair leaks and prevent groundwater infiltration for sewer systems. These chemical grout applications are great for any environment where waterproofing may be essential to the project.

Get Started

Every big project starts with a simple step. Request a quote from a grout repair service in Houston TX. During the quote process, they will explain the nature of the problem, discuss various repair options including the pricing for those repairs, provide a time line for the project, and answer any questions about the repair.

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