For the Best Septic System Maintenance, Use Only White Toilet Paper

by | Feb 1, 2016 | Septic System Service

Going to estate sales and auctions can be a fascinating pastime. Nobody ever knows what vintage and antique items might be on display. In some cases, there are old household items that most people haven’t thought about in a long time. For instance, in the later part of the 20th Century, lots of people chose colored toilet paper for their homes. The stuff was easy to find, as it was stocked in most stores selling any kind of toilet paper. Unfortunately, it was no good for Septic System Maintenance or for the general environment. It also cost more to produce. One by one, major manufacturers quit making it. By the early 21st century, toilet paper in hues of blue, pink, and green had virtually disappeared.

Before the paper was phased out, people could easily use toilet paper as part of their bathroom color-coordination scheme. Septic System Maintenance companies had always told their customers that the dyes used to make colored toilet paper could be harmful to the friendly bacteria in the septic tank. Rural dwellers were forced to keep using white paper or risk the expense of getting the tank pumped more often. They were probably glad when most stores stopped selling colored toilet paper and nearly everyone went back to the old-fashioned version.

It’s still possible to buy facial tissue in a variety of colors from major manufacturers. Also, many brands of paper towels have images of flowers, birds and other designs in color. Of course, a company such as Business Name advises homeowners never to flush facial tissue or paper towels down the toilet because those materials don’t biodegrade very well. More information on this particular septic service company can be found at the website website domain. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

It’s still possible to buy vintage colored toilet paper online from auction websites and stores that sell collectible items. It doesn’t tend to be cheap, however. Novelty toilet paper also is available, with features such as bright colors, camouflage designs, and images of politicians. When someone lives in a home with a septic tank, though, choosing the plain ordinary white version is the best idea.

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