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by | Apr 23, 2020 | Sand & Gravel Supplier

Even the word itself, hearth, sounds comforting. In its broadest application, hearth means an area symbolizing or representing home. When related directly to a fireplace it means the area in front of the fire. A home without a fireplace is like a boy without a dog or something like that. Hearth installation in New Jersey can upgrade your existing fireplace or put in an entirely new one. Bluestone treads are commonly used for steps, landings, sills, hearths, mantles, pool coping, caps, and coping on the top of walls.

Why Install a Fireplace?

Some people desire a fireplace in the home for practical purposes. The heat from wood is nice and dry and it feels great on cold nights. Wood heat can also be very economical, especially if you have your source of wood. It also offers an alternative source of heat in the case of a power outage from a bad winter storm. Other fuels such as wood pellets also offer attractive heating options.

There are also some aesthetic reasons for hearth installation in New Jersey. Who doesn’t like to watch the mesmerizing flame of a wood fire or stare into the glow of a gas fire? The design elements of a nice fireplace add beauty to a home, with a mantle to place photos upon or andirons and fireplace tools accenting the area. You can choose from materials such as natural stone, brick, glass and metal that improve the look of any room.

How Do You Begin?

To see what options in fireplaces are available it is easy to check on a gallery online to see designs and materials. An even better idea is to head into a showroom to see the models in person. This way you get a sense of the real colors and get to sample the texture of the building materials.

Nowadays, there are many attractive options for fireplaces. You can choose to burn wood, gas, electric or alternative fuels such as wood pellets. Each source has its pros and cons. The units can be large or small, fitting into just about any room. In areas where a traditional wood-burning fireplace isn’t possible, electrical fireplaces are good options, as they can be installed without the need for gas lines or venting. You can choose the look of a stove or a design that includes a mantle and hearth.

Once you decide on the unit that is right for you, make sure your contract with a professional installer for both the safety and the appearance of the fireplace.

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