New Garage Door Installation Tips

Although the garage is one of the most overlooked areas of a home, it is important, nonetheless. For this reason, when choosing a garage door for a new garage door installation in New Port Richey, FL., it’s important to be especially careful that the chosen door isn’t just stylish, but also highly functional. Here are just a couple of tips to help ensure the best garage door is selected for your home.


One of the first things to consider is whether it’s necessary to purchase an insulated garage door. Whether or not the garage is insulated can have a significant effect on the overall climate control within the space. Oftentimes, whether to choose an insulated garage door has a lot to do with how the space is used and its location.

For example, if the garage does not face the sun and you often spend time working in your garage, insulation would be a good idea. The insulation would help better regulate the temperature inside the area to keep it warm. However, if the garage is only used as a place to store vehicles, then insulation might be something to do without.


Another factor to consider is who will be using the door. While most modern doors come with an electronic opening mechanism, there is always the possibility of a power failure. In the event of a power failure, it will be necessary to manually lift the door in order to access your garage.

For some people, certain types of doors can be more challenging than others to physically open. For example, a steel garage door looks great and offers excellent security and safety; however, they are very heavy to lift. If an older child or elderly person had to lift a steel door, it might be nearly impossible. On the other hand, a composite wood garage door would be just as durable; however, it would be easier to lift in the event of a power failure.

When choosing a garage door for a new garage door installation, don’t just consider style. Remember, function is equally important.