Hiring a Roofer in Tucson to Install a Metal Roof Over a Manufactured Home

by | Apr 24, 2018 | Roofing

When seeking to hire a Roofer Tucson residents to have some excellent options from which to choose. It may seem strange to some individuals, but occasionally, an area resident decides to substantially upgrade a manufactured home with a metal roof. Since mobile homes technically depreciate instead of gaining value, these property owners will want to make sure they can find insurance to cover the full replacement of the property instead of only its depreciated value. In insurance terms, the structures are vehicles since they have wheel axles and can be towed without a flatbed trailer.

Why Owners of Manufactured Homes Choose Metal Roofs

Why would someone want to make this significant upgrade to a structure that people tend to think of as relatively cheap? Today’s manufactured homes are built to be of much better quality than was true decades ago. Double-wide homes can be difficult to tell apart from frame-built structures. People who have a manufactured home brought to their private property instead of a community park setting may decide to live there for a very long time. They might even have an addition built on to provide more living space.

Lightweight Material

In regard to a Roofer in Tucson residents must look for companies that install metal roofing, as not everyone does. Metal commonly can be placed directly over the shingles because it’s so lightweight. If an addition is to be constructed, that’s an ideal time to add the metal roof since the entire building can be covered, and there will be no sign at the roof level that part of the roof was added later.

Scheduling Installation

Not every mobile home manufacturer is known for providing top-notch roofs. If the property owners plan to live in this structure for many years, it might be best to schedule full metal roof installation instead of repair once they notice leaks. Estimates can be obtained by contractors such as Ralph Hays Roofing. Property owners who choose this roofing material are likely to be taking excellent care of their manufactured homes, making the upgrade well worth it for their satisfaction and resale value. Interested property owners may visit website for more information.

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