Homeowners: How to Help Roofers in Pekin, IL Get the Job Done

The time has come to install a new roof, and everyone involved would like the project to go smoothly. While the homeowner is not expected to grab a hammer and climb on the roof with the Roofers in Pekin IL, there are some things the customer can do to ensure the roofing team can move forward without distractions. Here are some ideas to keep in mind.

Full Use of the Driveway

In the moments before the Roofers in Pekin IL arrive with tools and materials, back all of the cars out of the driveway and park them on the street. If parking in front of the house is not practical for some reason, ask a neighbor or two for the use of their driveways for the rest of the day.

Clearing the driveway will allow the roofing team to back the supply truck as close to the house as possible. While it may seem like a small thing, think of all the steps that the roofing team will not have to take as they unload the supplies and put them in place for the installation. Every time they walk a shorter distance back and forth translates into more time working on the roof.

Move Stuff Away From the House

There are some pretty potted plants gracing the steps to the front entrance. Around back, toys, patio furniture, and a grill are positioned close to the side of the house. Make it a point to move all of those things away from the building for the duration of the roof installation. Store them in the garage or at least move them to the far end of the back yard. If they are far away from the work site, the roofers don’t have to be concerned about damaging any of those belongings while they take care of the roof.

There are plenty of other ways to ensure the roofers can get the job done without anything slowing down progress. Contact the team at Best Roofing today and ask what sort of advance preparations would make the job go easier and faster for everyone. With very little effort, the place will be ready for the team to arrive and the new roof will be in place in no time.