Important Information on Mold Remediation in Portland CT

by | Feb 26, 2020 | Construction & Maintenance

There are many reasons mold may begin to grow in a home. Whenever large amounts of water enter a home, mold is prone to growing. Unfortunately, mold can be harmful to a person’s health. Those with allergies or asthma will find mold to be more problematic than those without these conditions. Some types of mold are toxic and all mold is destructive. When a home is dealing with an excess of mold, it is important a homeowner seeks professional help for mold remediation in Portland CT. Mold remediation seeks to safely remove the mold from a home, so it is safe for its occupants.

Before mold remediation can begin, a company will need to know what types of mold are present. Knowing the types is crucial for being able to safely and effectively remove the mold. Testing is done by taking scrapings and air samples. Once mold spores have become airborne, the danger is increased for exposure and repopulation. Once testing has been carried out, the team will be better prepared for the removal process.

If toxic mold is found to be present in a home, it must be carefully removed, with special precautions taken. Protective clothing and other types of gear are worn during the cleanup process and the mold spores are deactivated with fungicides so they cannot be stirred up during the removal process and become airborne.

When mold invades porous structures, the structures must often be destroyed. This is especially true with fabrics. Non-porous surfaces can be cleaned with special fungicides so the mold can be fully removed.

It is not enough to simply remove the mold; the moisture levels must also be brought down. If the moisture levels are not brought down to an acceptable level, the mold will continue to grow and could become worse. It is important the source of moisture is discovered and properly repaired.

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