2 Important Questions a Homeowner Should Ask a Fence Contractor in Evanston

Most homeowners already know that asking a contractor about things like warranties, business licenses and how long quotes are in effect is part of the planning. There are other questions that also need to be asked before any fence contractor in Evanston is hired. Here are two that need to be included on that list of essential questions.

Is the Fence That I Want in Compliance With Local Codes?

Contractors keep up to date on all codes that related to installing fences within a jurisdiction. That includes being aware of any specifications related to properties located in neighborhoods with strong homeowners’ associations. This one quick question can ensure that nothing from the height to the color of the fencing will create problems for the property owner later on.

Who is Responsible for Cleaning Up After the Installation?

This is another issue that is sometimes overlooked until the job is finished. Many property owners assume that all fencing companies remove unused materials and in general clean up after the fence is installed. That’s not the case. Rather than making an assumption, it’s wise to ask the fence contractor in Evanston up front. That makes it all the easier to plan ahead and be ready to manage the cleanup if it’s not included in the services offered by the fence company.

Remember that there’s no such thing as an unimportant question. The right fence contractor is happy to provide answers to any question that the client has, even if those questions seem insignificant to others.

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