Looking for a Tin Ceiling Long Island NY?

by | Jan 14, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

In the late nineteenth century, tin ceiling tiles were created as a more affordable alternative to sculpted plaster and other expensive ceiling types that were common among the wealthy. After fading out of popularity for a period of time, the Tin Ceiling Long Island NY is back in style and available for any house. Here are some of the reasons people decide tin ceilings are perfect for their homes.

Historic Restoration

Many Victorian houses would have originally had ceilings made of tin. For those who are restoring a classic home and want to choose an attractive and authentic ceiling material, tin is a great choice. It offers a sense of history without sacrificing quality. In modern houses where homeowners want to capture the look of the Victorian era, tin is also a worthy option. Current reproductions can faithfully replicate the original tile designs that were beloved all those years ago and allow a new generation to appreciate them.

Elegant Beauty

One of the reasons a Tin Ceiling Long Island NY was chosen in the past was because of its charming appearance, and many people continue to have it installed for the same reason. Tiles can be purchased in a variety of different designs that are strikingly three-dimensional, offering a look and texture that most other materials cannot match. In addition to the design that each tile has stamped onto it, every piece can also be coated or painted in an almost endless number of ways to make it stand out even more.

Remarkable Durability

Tin is a kind of metal, and as such, it is strong and will last for a long time. Putting the right finish on the tiles will add to their natural resistance to moisture and other outside substances, which will keep them from rusting or staining. Tin also has an added safety feature that is often overlooked. It resists fire far better than most other ceiling materials, such as wood, which is another reason it is an excellent investment for homeowners.

With all the benefits of this kind of ceiling, it’s no wonder that many people are choosing to get a Tin Ceiling Long Island NY. The history, beauty and durability of tin make it a wonderful option. Contact Abingdon Construction to learn more about tin ceilings.

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