Making the Best Real Estate Decision: Why You Need a Land Surveyor

by | Jul 15, 2019 | Land Surveyor

These days, land surveying services in Staten Island, NY, have professionals who play an instrumental role in various real estate transactions. Do you need one to help you make an informed decision regarding a property you’re buying or selling? Whether your needs involve home refinancing, subdividing, or property upgrading, or you require land surveying services because you’re selling real estate, it’s imperative that you find the right expert.

Reason to Hire a Land Surveyor When Selling Your Real Estate You want your potential buyer to have confidence when purchasing your real estate. Using a professional land surveying services in Staten Island, NY, will help you verify the extent and size of your land. When you create your real estate listing, you will have the correct specifications to include in your description. It saves you the trouble of being called out for providing inaccurate or inadequate or misleading information about your property.

Why Survey Real Estate Before You Buy It? If you’re the one buying real estate, you need professional land surveying services to map the entire property. When you are making investments as significant as this, you need reliable, precise data to determine if it is a sound decision. Your licensed surveyor will conduct critical research, inspect the land you are considering, and draft a detailed map. This map will include comprehensive illustrations of any easements, land planning restrictions, encroachments, and discrepancies.

Refinancing or Acquiring a New Mortgage: Understanding the Surveyors Role It might surprise you to know that some lenders consider the record of your land surveying services in Staten Island, NY, to approve a mortgage loan or refinancing plan. Lenders use this information to assess your creditworthiness and protect their interests. When you submit your paperwork, your lender will comb through all your legal documents to validate authenticity and make sure there are no conflicting concerns.

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