Top Reasons Residential Property Buyers In New York City, NY Need A Land Surveyor

by | Oct 14, 2019 | Land Surveyor

Buying a home in New York City, NY, is an exciting time. It is also a time when buyers may be tempted to cut corners and reduce the cost of the purchase as much as possible.

Unfortunately, not all reductions in cost are a smart idea when it comes to purchasing a home. In fact, skipping on one of the lower cost services in the purchase process may actually end up costing the home buyer considerably more in the future. Understanding how hiring a land surveyor can eliminate specific types of costs in the future can build in peace of mind for the purchase.

Actual Lot Size

In many of the neighborhoods and communities in and around New York City, NY, older homes and lots are typical in the market. These properties may have had home additions, garages, and outdoor sheds added on to the original property. The fences may have been replaced multiple times, and the property lines may not have been accurately followed.

This can lead to lots where the property lines are inside or outside of where they should be, particularly with the fencing issue. Additions to the home or additional structures may extend over the property line, or buildings on surrounding lots may encroach on the property under consideration by the buyer.

The land surveyor accurately measures the property according to the legal land description. The buyer can then negotiate or make an offer based on any issues that may impact the price.

New Construction or Expansion Plans

In NYC, it is not uncommon for buyers to purchase older homes with plans to demolish the home and build a custom home. A land surveyor is critical for these types of purchases as these professionals can not only verify the property is suitable for the new home, but also detail drainage issues, underground water levels, and the underlying soil of the property to ensure it is possible to complete the new construction.

All of these factors are critical for a home buyer to understand. While it may be possible to save on hiring professionals in some areas when purchasing a home, hiring a surveyor is not one. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.

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