Making Cremation Plans In Jacksonville, FL

by | Nov 19, 2018 | Cemetery

Making Cremation Plans Jacksonville FL isn’t easy for most people. After all, facing death isn’t easy for the average person. Who wants to think about their own death and funeral? It’s just far too grim for a lot of individuals. But, it’s something that has to be done. Whether a traditional burial or cremation, plans have to be made to avoid any confusion when the time comes.

Convincing Others

Over the years, cremation has grown in popularity. As recently as 1980, only about 10 percent of people chose cremation. In the 2010s, almost 50 percent of the population chooses cremation. That’s a big surge in growth, so it’s much easier to talk to others about cremation without being met with resistance. Cremation might be gaining in popularity because it is a much cheaper option compared to a traditional burial with an expensive casket.

What About Religion?

When a person lets it be known they want to be cremated, they might encounter a family member who disagrees with them because of religious beliefs. This can be problematic when the person who disagrees with them might have influence over how they are buried. Even if a legal document is drawn up stating that a person wants to be cremated, a family member might choose not to follow it. Anyone who is worried about whether their wishes will be honored should talk to an attorney to explore their options.

What Else To Consider?

Cremation Plans Jacksonville FL involve more than just planning the actual cremation. A person might wish to choose the type of urn their ashes will be placed in. Some individuals don’t want urns. Instead, they wish to have their ashes scattered in places that are special to them. That might be a favorite park, lake, or somewhere else that they enjoyed in life. Crevasse’s Simple Cremation Inc. can help with any plans a person might have.

There’s no doubt about it, thinking about death isn’t fun. But, to avoid problems with final arrangements, plans have to be made. It helps if people have wills or trusts set up for their heirs. Making burial plans comes along with estate planning. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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