Remodeling Contractors in Fond Du Lac WI Can Create a More Open Living Space

by | Nov 20, 2018 | Construction & Maintenance

Remodeling Contractors in Fond Du Lac WI can help owners of older houses create a more open design instead of several closed-off spaces. Some older homes have several rooms that could function as a general living space but are shut off from adjacent rooms. Not all walls can be safely torn down, but some can be. In walls that must remain, big arched open spaces can be installed.

Arched Spaces

Arched spaces function as open doorways without an actual door. Even though the two rooms are still obviously separate, the ability to chat with people is enhanced, and the design doesn’t feel as claustrophobic to modern homeowners.

Window-Like Spaces

Another less common choice is to have Remodeling Contractors in Fond Du Lac WI open up a window space of sorts in a wall between two rooms. They could install a larger flat surface at the bottom there to function as a countertop or shelf. There could be a rolling or sliding door to close off that window, or it could simply always be open. This is an appealing option when someone wants to open the space between a kitchen and dining room or a kitchen and living room. Now, the people in the kitchen can easily converse with those in the other room.

Two Bedrooms Into One

This type of home improvement, as accomplished by a contractor such as Steve Wirtz Builders Inc, can also be done to convert two small bedrooms into one large one. The older home might have a master bedroom along with those two smaller rooms. Converting the two into one big room will make a significantly larger master bedroom. In the interests of resale, it’s best if this is done in a house with four or more bedrooms. Otherwise, the three-bedroom house will be turned into a two-bedroom residence.


Removing walls usually means having to move any furniture that was set up against those walls. This isn’t always the case. A couch could stay in place, for example, serving as the illusion of a barrier between rooms. However, hutches, sideboards, and bookshelves are generally meant to stand against a wall. Obviously, if any cabinets are attached to the wall, they will come down too.

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