Mow Your Lawn the Easy Way

by | May 28, 2019 | Construction Wave

Tis the season to cut grass. While we would all enjoy using a self-mowing lawn mower, you’ll have to physically care for yours. A dirty undercarriage replete with grass clippings doth not an effective mower make. Here is how to care for yours:

Prep Your Mower in Early Spring
Begin with an empty gas tank. This makes it easier to flip the mower over to clean the undercarriage. Clean the top and undercarriage of all dirt and grass. Sharpen the blades, replacing them in the event of nicks or curling edges.

Turn the mower right side up. Replace the spark plug and air filter. Change the oil. Fill the gas tank. If the mower has been stored all winter, place it in the sun to warm up before mowing. A cold mower will be difficult to start. Even robotic mowers need to warm up for the first cut.

Set the Blade Height
In order for your lawn to look rich and lush, environmentally friendly lawn care requires the blades to be set at the proper height for your type of grass. Tall grass grows deeper roots. This chokes out weeds and gets more water to the roots.

The mower’s highest setting is generally three to four inches. Environmentally responsible lawn care means that this works well with most grasses, as that height means optimum growth. Only cut one-third of the height of the grass to promote growth.

A self-mowing lawn mower or robotic mower isn’t considered natural lawn care, but it’s not far off. The Mowbot mowers run on a battery, it’s set to the right height for your type of grass, and it offers a near noise-less experience. The Durham, Orange and Chatham counties in North Carolina, Augusta, Evans, Martinez, and Grovetown in Georgia, and North Myrtle Beach, Myrtle Beach, South Grand Strand, and Conway in South Carolina, homeowners now have access to affordable eco lawn care.

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