Understanding Characteristics of Softwood and Hardwood Lumber in Danbury CT

by | May 27, 2019 | Construction & Maintenance

Hardwood Lumber in Danbury CT is available for contractors and do-it-yourself types who want to complete construction projects and remodeling. Hardwood comes from trees that drop their leaves in fall; these are deciduous trees. It should be noted, however, that some hardwood trees hang onto the leaves even though they have become dormant until spring. This characterizes oak trees; the leaves change color but many of them do not drop until later.

Biological Differences

Evergreen trees are softwood. Deciduous trees grow more slowly than evergreens do, so the wood is generally denser. However, some softwoods are harder than hardwoods. The terms are used to describe the composition of the trees and do not always match the usual concepts of hard and soft. The biology is complex, but most men and women aren’t concerned about botanical details. They just want to make sure they have the right material for their projects.

Home Framing and Construction

Both hardwood and softwood can be used for home framing during the original construction. It can be added as needed to finish other parts of the house, typically an attic, basement, or upper half story. The lumber also is purchased by people wanting to build a garden shed or detached garage. Suppliers can explain why both these kinds of wood are useful for this purpose, even though it may seem confusing. Pine, spruce and Douglas fir are softwoods that are suitable for framing homes.

Hardness Levels

Hardwood Lumber in Danbury CT is available in varying levels of hardness. Some are comparatively soft and are more often used to build cabinetry and furniture. Birch is a prime example. Oak, which is very hard, is also used for these purposes in addition to being a preferred material for home construction.

Wood Grades

In addition to all of these considerations, wood comes in a variation of grades that must be decided on. Wood from a provider such as  Company is graded according to how much of the material is clear without any features that could be considered aesthetic flaws. That is not so important for home framing, but it is for cabinet doors.

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