Problems with Hardwood: Call for Floor Repair Service in Windsor, CT

by | Nov 3, 2017 | Flooring

If you’ve looked at those older hardwood floors and wished that you had money in the budget to replace them completely, don’t despair. If the funds aren’t available for new floors, call on experienced professionals for floor repair service. Minor damage can be repaired by skilled individuals at a reasonable price.

Buckling, Gaps

If you see split or cracked wood, which will happen with the passage of time, this can often be repaired with such techniques as wood putty and angled nails. Larger cracks and major damage might call for refinishing the floor. A damaged plank can be replaced and color-matched to the existing floor. There’s plenty of valuable information about this on our website. Visit us for more information.

Sometimes, the best old hardwood can buckle or lift with use through the years. If your floor is showing these signs of age, call for floor repair service in Windsor, CT and relax; don’t panic. Wood tends to shrink as it dries out and will expand if conditions are humid. This can cause gaps, but they can be handled by floor specialists who can inspect the floor to determine what is causing the problem.

Warping, Sagging

Warping and cupping are also possible with older hardwood floors. This is generally caused by moisture beneath the plank or below the floor with dry conditions above. Call for professional floor repair service about getting the humidity in your home balanced; then arrange for sanding and refinishing.

It’s also possible that an older floor could begin to sag or warp, usually because of extreme moisture issues. You should call in the experts to address this condition immediately. Serious scratches and loose planks can also be a problem for property owners. It’s possible to repair these problems and refinishing can bring back the beauty of the original wood at a reasonable cost.

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