Purchasing a Hand Dryer for Your Business

If you own a small business that offers public bathrooms, you probably appreciate how many paper towels customers can use. Commercial hand dryers are a wonderful solution. It can add up to pretty significant savings in the long run and help reduce the needless waste of paper towels.


There are many types of hand dryers available to choose from. Newer models address many of the early complaints of customers. There are three main types: traditional, high-speed and automatic.

Traditional hand dryers have a button that must be pushed to turn them on. It blows air out of a blower and takes about 30 to 45 seconds to dry hands. They tend to be more affordable than other models. The main benefit of this type is its price. Some of the less admirable qualities include slower drying time, pushing on the button may be unsanitary and use more energy than other types.

High-speed commercial hand dryers are much faster than traditional types. They are capable of drying customer hands within 10 to 15 seconds. These models use less energy that could save you money over time. The trade-off of the high-speed and energy efficiency is that they are more expensive and louder to operate.

Automatic hand dryers use infrared sensors that turn them on when a customer holds their hand under the vent. They turn off quickly when you remove your hands. They use less energy and are very sanitary, but they are more expensive than other models.

There is some overlap in types. You can get automatic high-speed dryers as well as automatic dryers that are not high-speed.


There are many factors to consider before investing in commercial hand dryers when researching.

  • Cost – There is a wide range of costs associated with hand dryers. Basic models will be more affordable but will lack any extras. Paying more upfront for a more energy efficient model tends to pay off in the long run. Know your business and your customer’s preferences and needs before making a decision.
  • Energy Use – High-speed dryers are the most energy-efficient of all three model types. Automatic dryers usually come in second because they are only running when necessary. Therefore, high-speed automatic dryers are going to be the most energy-efficient of all. Some models forego a heating element and just blows air without heating it. Those advertised as eco-friendly will be designed with energy efficiency in mind.
  • Durability – The more use a dryer gets, the more durable it needs to be. A dryer in an office building will fare better than a dryer at a public park.

These are just a few factors to keep in mind. You might also want to consider speed, power, noise, hygiene and ADA compliance. For more information, visit Americandryer.com.