Shingle Roof Repair In St. Peters MO Is Necessary To Protect A Structure

by | Jan 3, 2018 | Roofing

After a storm, high winds, or a tree limb landing on a roof, repairs should be performed as quickly as possible. Shingle roof repair in St. Peters MO is necessary to prevent further damage to a roof. One missing shingle will allow water, debris, and moisture to reach other areas of the roof. When this water freezes, it will cause lifting of other shingles. In addition to lifting the shingles, water will travel into the attic of a home and saturate insulation. By the time a watermark shows up on the ceiling of a home, there is usually extensive damage to the roof.

What Can Cause A Leak Besides A Missing Shingle?

Chimney’s, vents, skylights, and anything else that exits through the roof of a home can cause damage to a roof. The sealant around these openings can crack and allow water to enter a home. A regular inspection by an experienced roofing company will eliminate this problem from ruining a roof.

Lack Of Ventilation

The lack of ventilation in a home can cause a shingle roof to deteriorate faster than it should. The roof surface is kept cooler when there’s air flowing through the attic of a home. A reputable and experienced roofing company will always make sure the ventilation is adequate for the size of the home.

Signs A Shingle Roof Needs To Be Repaired

In addition to visual damage from a tree limb or a shingle missing, there are other signs that Shingle Roof Repair in St. Peters MO needs to be performed. Excessive amounts of granules from the shingles in the gutters or downspouts means the roof needs attention. Once these granules begin to disappear at a rapid rate, UV rays from the sun will make them brittle and ruin their protection.

It’s very difficult to identify roofing problems from the ground. It’s also very dangerous to climb onto a roof without the proper training. An experienced roofing company can safely inspect your roof to determine if there are any problems that need to be addressed. Check out us and find out more about their roofing, siding, windows and deck services.

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