Reasons to Invest in New Residential Asphalt

by | Apr 22, 2016 | Asphalt Contractor

Along with concrete, many homeowners like the idea of using Residential Asphalt for different purposes around the house. In fact, there are times when replacing other materials with asphalt makes a lot of sense. Here are some projects that the homeowner will want to discuss with a professional.

Updating the Driveway

One of the more common uses for Residential Asphalt is to update the look of a driveway. The old concrete is cracked in several places and tends to bring down the entire look of the property. One way to make things look better quickly and also avoid the same problem in the future is to get rid of the concrete and have a new driveway made using asphalt.

The smooth surface will blend in well with the overall look of the home. This is especially true if the asphalt happens to be close to the color used for the roof. In addition, the asphalt is less subject to cracking due to extreme changes in temperature. The homeowner will find that maintaining the surface is not difficult, and the driveway will look great for many years.

Garden Paths

Consider using asphalt in other areas of the yard. One possible application is the creation of paths that wend their way through the back yard. If the owner happens to have a vegetable or flower garden in one area of the space, consider what this type of paved path would accomplish. The path would make it easy to maneuver a wheelbarrow laden with fertilizers and potting soil without getting bogged down in the grass. That same path makes it easier to take a stroll through the garden without getting the feet wet. The latter comes in handy when the homeowner wants to cut a few fresh flowers to take to a friend, but only remembers to cut the flowers after getting dressed for the visit.

For anyone who has some paving to do around the house, contact the team at Teague’s Asphalt today. A contractor will visit the home, take a look at what the client has in mind, and come up with some suggestions and pricing for the homeowner’s consideration.

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