Reasons to Request House Lifting Services in Jefferson Parish

Your home requires a solid foundation to protect the structure and prevent significant damage. In Louisiana, flooding is expected because the shore sits below sea level in many locations. House lifting services in Jefferson Parish are typically used for various purposes.

Prevent Flood Damage

Flooding is prominent, particularly during hurricane season. Many homeowners choose house lifting services in Jefferson Parish to reduce flood damage. Completing this process saves homeowners money on insurance premiums and reduces necessary repairs. Your contractor will determine the best technique for lifting your home to give you the ultimate protection.

Foundation Repair

Not all homes require lifting to protect against flood damage. However, that doesn’t mean you will never need the service. House lifting services in Jefferson Parish may be necessary if your foundation suffers extensive damage. Contractors lift the house to work on the foundation without the structure’s weight. After completing foundation work, they lower the home back into place.

Add Another Floor

If you want to add another floor to your home, you aren’t limited to adding one on top of your existing structure. You can place another story below the current one. House lifting services in Jefferson Parish raise your home off the foundation to provide enough space for another floor.

Move the House

Moving doesn’t always mean buying a new house. If you love your home and purchase a new property, you may be able to relocate your house. House lifting is the first step in moving your home to a new location.

If you’re looking for reputable house lifting services in Jefferson Parish, visit the Patterson Structural Moving & Shoring website to schedule a consultation.