Reviewing A Commercial Landscape Contract

by | Jun 4, 2018 | Construction Wave

Landscaping companies specializing in commercial properties will provide a contact to outline all of the services they provide. However, it is important for the individual signing the contract, typically the property owner or manager, to take the time to review the contract before adding the signature.

Reading a commercial landscape contract will take time. Plan to read through the entire contract once, they address any areas where there is a possible question or concern about the language or what is included. Typically, a call to the representative at the landscaping service will clear up the issue. If there is still concern or confusion, do not sign until the question has been answered to your satisfaction.

Services Included

Every commercial landscape contract should outline the services the landscaper has agreed to perform for the fees listed in the contract. This should be clear and precise, not vague or general in language or content. Often, a top landscaper will have a full landscape plan attached to the contract or used as a reference.

This will outline everything from fertilizing and weed control to the pruning of trees and planting of gardens on the property. Ensuring the company has the experience and equipment to complete the services will have been done in the evaluation process prior to awarding the contract.

Termination of the Contract

The contract should also clearly state when the contract terminates. It should also include how a party to the contract can terminate the contract prior to the end date. Typically, this will include failure to perform services and other similar issues.

Accountability of the Landscaper

The commercial landscape contract should state the landscaper is a licensed and insured company and indicate the company offers the necessary amount of liability insurance as well as workers’ compensation coverage to prevent any possible impact on your business.

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