4 Reasons Your Business Should Consider Bathroom Hand Dryers

by | Jun 4, 2018 | Construction & Maintenance

The use of automatic hand dryers is steadily increasing throughout the United States. While it is not likely that people will stop using paper towels anytime soon, bathroom hand dryers can offer a more hygienic and inexpensive alternative. A paper towel dispenser can be just one more place for pesky germs to hang out. It can also leave more of a mess if people clog them up in the toilets. Here are several reasons your business may want to consider using a bathroom hand dryer instead of the traditional paper towel dispenser.

More Sanitary

If you’ve ever been in a restroom before and had to touch the paper towel dispenser in order to get a paper towel out, then you may have realized how easily germs could spread. Numerous people touching the same paper towel dispenser is bound to kick up some germs. One advantage to automatic hand dryers is that they can cut down on the cross-contamination that often occurs in bathrooms.

Environmental Friendly

Paper towels as effective as they are usually get sent off to a landfill once they are used. This can produce excessive waste. Over time the waste generated from paper towels can negatively impact the environment. A bathroom hand dryer can be a comparable alternative to include in the restrooms at your business.

Reduces Maintenance Costs

Having a paper towel dispenser is just one more thing that has to be periodically refilled. The cost of buying paper towels and restocking them can add up over time. Not to mention it is one more thing a custodian has to monitor. A high-speed hand dryer may be able to reduce some of your business’s janitorial costs.

Minimizes Vandalism

An automatic hand dryer can reduce the risk of potential vandalism in your restrooms. All it takes is one person to abuse the paper towels and leave behind a mess. Paper towels can clog toilets or be placed on walls, which can leave your restroom in disarray. There is also a risk that people could set the paper towels on fire.

As you can see, there are several valid points as to why a bathroom hand dryer might make a great fit for your business’s restrooms. It’s important to know the facts and to ultimately do what is best for business. If you’re looking for ways to help the environment, reduce janitorial costs and strive for a more hygienic restroom, then you may want to consider implementing automatic bathroom hand dryers. For more information, visit the website.

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