The Basics of Floor Repair in Ponte Vedra

A home’s floors are exposed to a good deal of wear and tear, so while flooring materials are generally chosen based on their ability to withstand constant wear, they can wind up becoming damaged over time. When this happens, the best thing to do is to call a professional contractor for floor repair in Ponte Vedra. Read on to find out about their services below.

Carpet Repairs

If a carpet has been damaged due to water, fire, smoke, or just general wear and tear, it must be addressed immediately. Failing to take action quickly by calling in a pro to remove stains or excess water, replace small patches, or replace the carpet pads as required can lead to the need for completely replacing the carpet. If this ends up being the case, homeowners who have scheduled an inspection with a flooring contractor will still be in better shape, as the professional will be able to suggest whether it’s worth the time and money to attempt repairs or install a new carpet.

Wood Floor Repairs

Hardwood floors are able to withstand a good deal of daily use, but they’re not very moisture-resistant, and they do require occasional maintenance or they will start looking dingy, worn, and may incur serious damage over time. There are several forms of wood floor repair in Ponte Vedra, including sanding and refinishing, replacing small areas that have been damaged, and removing blemishes and stains. These techniques are generally far less expensive than hiring a flooring contractor to install a new floor.

Laminate Floor Repair

Minor chips and scratches can generally be repaired using filler products, but any severe damage may require the replacement of a plank. Some contractors suggest removing a laminate floor’s base molding and unsnapping each plank from the edge in until they’ve reached the damaged portion, but this isn’t always necessary. Sometimes, laminate floor planks can be simply cut out and replaced.

Get Help Today

It’s always a better idea to hire a professional flooring contractor for repairs, as these professionals have access to all the tools and equipment they need and will have the experience necessary to get the job done quickly and correctly. Check out website to learn more about one company that can help today.