Signs Telling Homeowners in Fort Myers, FL It’s Time to Remove a Tree

If you have a tree, you will need residential tree service Fort Myers Fl at some point. Sometimes, you’ll need these services to do a little trimming, and you can browse our website for that, but sometimes, you might need to remove the tree completely.

Signs Revealing It’s Time to Remove a Tree

Most home owners would prefer to keep their trees, but you know that sometimes you can not do that. The following are a few signs telling you that you need Residential Tree Service in Fort Myers FL to remove a dead tree:

  • You are seeing more fungi growing at the base of your tree. This signals decay, and it also means your tree’s trunk is slowly losing its strength, and this could be dangerous for you.

  • Inspect the trunk of your tree to see if there are any cracks or if anything is peeling. Any of these issues are telling you that your tree may be dead.

  • You begin to notice large cavities around the trunk of your tree or even in some of the branches.

  • Sometimes, when a tree is dying or is dead, you’ll start seeing some dead branches near the top of your tree. They will be dangling there, ready to fall. This is dangerous for your home because you don’t know when a branch may fall.

  • The ends of small twigs on a living tree normally grow at least one bud, but a dying tree won’t produce that.

You can browse our website to find out how to address these issues with the help of Johnson’s Tree Service & Stump Grinding, Inc. who have been solving these types of issues for a long time, so visit Sitename to schedule your appointment.