Stump Removal in Fort Myers FL Will Ensure a Safer Yard

by | Dec 21, 2018 | Tree Service

It’s wonderful to hire a company to come in and take down trees that may be a nuisance. The trees may be diseased, damaged, or just in the way. However, if they did not take the stumps with them, the job has not been completed. There are several reasons whey stumps should not be left in the yard after a tree has been removed. Homeowners should seek out Stump Removal in Fort Myers FL to remove any stumps in their yard.

Stumps Are A Danger In The Yard For Many Reasons

Stumps are not safe to have in the yard. First and foremost they are tripping hazards. They can injure children playing in the yard. This tripping hazard may result in skinned knees for the younger generation but may cause serious injury to older people who are not as limber and prone to broken bones.

Decaying Stumps Are An Invitation For Insects

When stumps are left to decay in the yard, they become an open invitation for bugs to take up residence in them. All types of insects will find the decaying wood attractive. Termites, ants, water bugs, and other creepy crawlies will feast on the remains of the stump. That’s just fine outside, but most homeowners wouldn’t want the insects to be tracked into their home.

Old Tree Stumps Can Actually Become Trees Again

Just like when potatoes left in a bin too long begin to sprout, old stumps can grow new trees. These trees often grow in multiples and at odd angles. It would seem that the regrowth of a tree from a stump is defeating the purpose of having the tree removed in the first place. Once the tree has been cut down, it is time for stump removal in Fort Myers FL.

Once a homeowner has hired a company to come and take down trees, it is important to have the stumps removed as well. A company such as Johnson’s Tree Service & Stump Grinding Inc. would be who to call to have the stumps ground down and/or removed. Elimination of the stump makes the yard a happier and safer place for the homeowner and family.

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