The Valuable Service of Mobile Concrete Crushing by a Contractor Doing Commercial Paving in Edison NJ

by | Jun 9, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

A contractor that does commercial paving in Edison, NJ may offer the very valuable service of mobile concrete crushing. This allows a business owner to have old concrete pavement removed, pulverized and reused right there on the property. Crushed concrete is useful for several purposes that a business owner may appreciate. A contractor such as L.N. Rothberg & Son Inc. provides this service. If the business owner does not have a use for the material, the company will haul it away. Having one contractor do a removal of the old material as well as placement of the new pavement is convenient and affordable.

Paving Sub-Base

When a property owner plans to have the old pavement entirely removed and new asphalt pavement installed, a sub-base material is added underneath if the paved area will be used for vehicle traffic and not just foot traffic. It can be thought of as the foundation for the parking lot, driveways, and private roadways. The material is good for drainage since it is not tightly compacted. When a contractor for commercial paving in Edison, NJ is at the site, the old concrete can be broken up and crushed using heavy equipment and then transported to various areas of the property as needed before the asphalt is placed.

Land Filling

If the business owner plans to have a building addition or a separate building constructed on the property, crushed concrete can be used as fill where needed before the foundation is poured. It can be added to gullies on the property to slow heavy rain from rapidly pouring down the slope.

Landscaping Features

There may be an area on the property that could benefit from having a retaining wall constructed. Old concrete broken into relatively thin flat pieces is useful for this purpose. The slabs can also be placed around flower gardens and can be used to build barriers next to grassy areas that people tend to treat as parking spots or roadways. In addition, flat slabs can be placed in grassy areas to create pathways while still allowing water to easily drain in the spaces between them.

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