When to Hire a Siding Repair Service in Philadelphia

by | Jun 9, 2016 | Roofing

Although vinyl siding is pretty durable and lasts a long time, it isn’t totally indestructible. It can be damaged under the right conditions, and, when damaged, it needs to be repaired to prevent further damage to the home. Vinyl siding that is damaged can allow water to leak through and get to the walls of the home where it can potentially cause rot or other issues that could be quite costly to fix. It’s typically much cheaper to hire a Siding Repair Service in Philadelphia to fix any damage.

Missing Siding

In some cases, strong winds and bad weather can lead to siding cracking and falling off or being blown off of the house. This is more likely to happen in cases where the siding may be a bit older or wasn’t installed very well to begin with. When this happens, a Siding Repair Service in Philadelphia can come to replace the missing panels. This task can sometimes be done by a homeowner, but it does require some special tools and a bit of skill to do it properly without damaging the panels or the insulation under the panels. It’s often best left to the professionals who can do it safely and quickly. If the missing piece of siding is in the front, it may be best to replace it with a piece from a less visible part of the home, as a brand new piece would be noticeably different because of potential weathering and fading of the siding over time. Then the new piece can be installed in that less visible location.

Holes in the Siding

A hard impact that occurs in a small area can actually break through the siding and leave a puncture mark or hole. While very small holes may not be visible from any great distance and don’t necessarily affect how the home looks, it can still affect the integrity of the house and make it more likely that other damage will occur behind the siding. Because of this, it’s important to get this type of damage repaired.

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