Things to look for in kitchen cabinets

Don’t be fooled when you visit a kitchen and bath showroom; if you notice when you first walk through the doors there is never any clutter on the countertop, there is never a mark of any kind on the cabinet surface and the shelves are devoid of piles of dishes and glasses. They are showcased under high wattage halogen bulbs under very high ceilings. When you slide the drawers closed, and they come to a firm stop, and you close the doors, and they put forth a resounding thud you can’t help but be convinced this kitchen cabinetry in Pittsburgh is the best and will last for years. Don’t be fooled, there is a right way and a wrong way to build a high quality, long lasting kitchen cabinet.

A typical cabinet is made up of the face, the end panels, drawers and the carcass, lets look at what makes well built kitchen cabinetry in Pittsburgh.

  • The face: The face is everything that can be seen when looking at the cabinets from the front. The wood that is used should be free from any irregularities in the grain; there should be no color differences, no finishing marks and unless the wood is knotty pine, it should be free from knots. The best cabinets use a single piece of wood for the door panel and the drawer fronts.
  • The end panel: The end panel is that which is visible, the wood used should have the same color and grain as the drawers and door panels. The end panel should be fastened to the carcass from the inside, so there are no exposed screw heads.
  • The drawers: The sides and back should be hardwood, at least 5/8th inch thick, the sides and back should have a groove which has been routed out to support the bottom, and all corner joints should be dovetailed.
  • The carcass: The carcass is the basic box that forms the interior, the best carcass will use ½ inch plywood for the side and floor panels and, at least, ¾ inch thick wood for the shelves.

The best kitchen cabinetry in Pittsburgh does not stop with the basic cabinet; the small details as noted on make all the difference in the world. Take for example the hinges; it should be possible to adjust the hinges to ensure that the doors and surrounding frame are aligned perfectly. Take your time; be particular with what you buy to ensure you get a beautiful kitchen with cabinets that will last.

If you are considering remodeling your kitchen no doubt, it will include all new kitchen cabinetry in Pittsburgh. You are invited to discuss your ideas with the experts at Business Name.