Three Gates an Electric Gate Company in Pasadena, CA, Can Install for You

Have you been looking into automatic gates for your property? If so, then you’ve got quite few options. Listed below are three types and their characteristics. Once you decide which one is right for you, contact an experienced electric gate company in Pasadena, CA, and they’ll have it installed for you straightaway.


Sliding electronic gates are an old favorite and can be made from a variety of different materials, such as wrought iron, aluminum, and wood. They’re installed on a track and don’t require any back or front clearance as do other types of gates because they typically slide into or parallel to an adjoining fence.


Swing gates are one of the most popular types of electric gates. Because they swing open, they need a bit of clearance. Therefore, they’re best suited for properties with plenty of driveway room. As with their sliding counterparts, swing gates can be fabricated from various types of materials.


These gates are a newer type of electric gate in the residential context. They do what their name implies: rise vertically. They’re great for properties with space constraints and are fast and reliable. If you’re looking for something unique with a touch of class, vertical lift gates are for you. They are commonly made of steel and/or aluminum and are sometimes paneled with wood.

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