Top Reasons To Change Landscape Management Services

The vast majority of commercial landscaping companies are very professionally managed and operated. They take a very serious approach to the health and care of the properties they maintain and know their reputation rests on maintaining a beautifully landscaped property and a happy commercial property owner.

However, there are cases where the current landscape management services are simply not up to standard. This can occur when a landscaping company changes hands, hires new managers, or simply takes on more projects than they can actually effectively manage.

Signs that it is time to look for new landscape management services can occur slowly over time, or they may become suddenly obvious. Commercial property owners and managers need to be aware of the following key indicators in a drop off in service.

Lowering Standards of Care

When attention to detail is no longer present, the current landscaping company is often taking on more work than they can manage. This results in rushing through work, leaving edges untrimmed, gardens uncared for and grass clippings left on the grass and sidewalks.

Ignoring the Schedule

All landscape management services should provide a schedule of appointments for maintenance throughout the year. If weeks go by without any services or notification from the company, it is time to find another provider.

Lawn and Garden Health and Appearance Issues

Dead or yellow spots on the lawn, gardens with poor growth or dead plants or issues with weeds or insects may be a result of many different issues. If the landscaping service is not addressing these issues, they are failing to provide the care the property requires.

Trees and Shrubs Not Maintained

Trees and shrubs that have leaf loss or discoloration, show signs of disease or lack of pruning and maintenance are often issues with the landscaper is cutting corners.

Make sure these issues are itemized in the contract or the scope of work, and then address the landscaping service. If it is not corrected, end the contract and find a new provider.