Can I Make My Roof Storm-Proof?

It’s virtually impossible to completely storm-proof your roof, but there are a few steps you can take to minimize the risk of serious damage during storm season. reparation is one of the best ways to keep damage amounts small.

How to Reduce Wind Damage

Straight-line or tornadic, swirling winds in severe storms can both cause a tremendous amount of damage to your roof, especially if it’s in need of any current repairs. Secure loose items and trim back any limbs that can be blown against the roof. Hire the professional roofer Oswego homeowners rely on, for routine maintenance to inspect your roof. Have any loose or damaged roofing materials repaired before storms hit. Check that all of your eaves are secure and free of rot.

Why You Need Good Gutters

The longer water stays and has the chance to pool on your roof, the higher the risk is of it finding a way under the materials and into your home. A quality gutter system will allow heavy rains and melting hail or snow to find a safe way off the roof. Keep them in good shape and free-flowing at all times.

Repair Damages Right Away

If your roof sustains damages from a storm, get repairs done as immediately as you can. Even small amounts of damage will build up and lead to a serious problem. A few loose roofing shingles can lead to water damage. The next storm will take off where the last one stopped and you could end up with entire sections missing shingles. Consult the professional roofer Oswego residents call on to repair storm damage and maintain the roof for all season use.

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