Drainage Systems in Cambridge, MA to Alleviate a Wet Basement Scenario

by | Feb 24, 2016 | Water Proofing

It’s no surprise that water moves most freely when it is going downhill. This is the basic concept when it comes to a certain type of drainage system that is used when there are problems with moisture seeping into a basement. This type of drainage system is known as a French drain, and it is a very simple yet extremely effective method of keeping basements and saturated landscaping around the home dryer.

The first thing to understand is that drainage systems in Cambridge MA are important when there are issues with moisture seeping into a basement. There are times where this moisture can come through the walls. Unfortunately, joints where the floor and the walls meet, or headers above the basement walls, can be another area where moisture can get into a basement. This is where the proper drainage systems can help, by catching the water before it enters the basement.

While there are many different types of drainage systems in Cambridge MA, and a French drain, otherwise known as a footer drain, is one of the easiest ways to prevent water coming into a basement. These drains are often constructed around the perimeter of a home and consist of an open trench with a partially opened drainage pipe covered with a grating material. This allows water to go into the drain and the drain then leads away from the home through a drainage pipe. Typically, the drain is positioned at a downward angle to help the water move quickly through the drainage pipe.

While this may seem fairly basic, the amount of water that these French drains can move away from the home is significant. In fact, this may be the perfect way to prevent extensive basement repair and waterproofing. When a homeowner considers how much money typical waterproofing can cost, the cost of a French drain around the perimeter of the home tends to be much more appealing.

To understand what your basement needs, it’s important to speak with the experts in this field. That’s why many people turn to Drycrete Waterproofing. Speaking with an expert will give you an idea of what type of drainage systems in Cambridge MA may work to alleviate any moisture problems you’re having in your basement.

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