Questions for Your Provider of Home Foundation Repair in Northern Virginia

You are in need of a provider of home foundation repair in Northern Virginia, but you are not quite sure how to begin making the right choice. What do you ask them to be sure they can do the repairs needed? Let’s look at the questions to pose to get the answers you need to choose best:

What is your history in home foundation repair in Northern Virginia?

This is a significant point, and though you may be able to find a startup that can offer skilled services, it is always best to go with the company that has both a long history in the area and the industry in general.

In fact, if you find that they have a long list of services in addition to their years of offering home foundation repair in Northern Virginia, you are on the right track. This is because it means that, regardless of the issue your home presents, they are likely to have the skilled workers and the gear needed to make an effective, long lasting repair.

Do you work with subcontractors?

Day labor or subcontractors are not employees of the company, and that means they may not have the kinds of skills or experience you want. Ask first about the history of the company and then find out the details of the work teams that will come to your property to do the actual job.

Are there any warranties?

The very best companies doing foundation repairs will offer you free estimates as well as warranties on their work, and that is true whether it is commercial or residential.

What about post-project cleanup?

Many homeowners forget to ask about the conditions that a company leaves behind, and it is a bad mistake. This is because there may be nothing in a contract that says that the company will not leave a mess, will not restore any landscaping that had to be removed temporarily, or will not do repairs if there is an issue caused by their equipment or workers.

Is there financing available?

Any home foundation repair in Northern Virginia is likely to come with a bit of an expense. You may want to find out if your provider has to finance or can point you towards reliable providers of financing. This could be a more appealing way to make the repairs, rather than using equity or cash on hand.

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